The Hollies

Client Private
Date 2023
Location Keelby, Lincolnshire
Value Undisclosed
Photographer Evans McDowall Architects
Design Team
Structural Engineer: Ward Cole
Contractor: Belton Construction

The Hollies is a new single storey, two bedroom, residential dwelling in north east Lincolnshire. The dwelling is positioned within existing residential garden land on a secluded plot in the heart of the historic village of Keelby.

Architecturally, the design of the proposed dwelling seeks to complement the wider settlement and respond to the neighbouring properties. The design draws upon the immediate site setting and the vernacular architectural context, both in terms of form and materiality. The rendered finish takes reference from a patchwork of varying rendered finishes throughout the village, whilst the scale and proportion of the dwelling is designed to replicate the immediate neighbouring properties, including plan dimensions, eaves, and ridge height, to help integrate the proposals into the existing context.

The design uses a contemporary interpretation of traditional building materials and practices to help express the different elements of the building. Openings to the south elevation are more generous in proportion to help take advantage of passive solar gain in the winter with the roof overhang to prevent overheating in the summer. In addition to the sustainable benefits, the large windows allow for views over the front garden and onto the adjacent field and beck, while being carefully positioned to preserve the privacy of the neighbouring properties.

The interior is arranged around a generous central corridor, with a series of interconnected open plan living spaces to the south and bedrooms to the north. The spaces are purposefully simple in their design with a focus on creating generously proportioned rooms.

The detail and feel of the house were developed in close collaboration with our clients. The project uses a limited material palette of white painted walls and oak joinery that replicate the material detail inside and out. Contemporary details help reinforce the overall visual simplicity and the subtle qualities of the space, creating a calm backdrop for living.