Client Private
Date 2020
Location Walkeringham, Nottinghamshire
Value Undisclosed

The site comprises a redundant grass field, located in the centre of the historic village of Walkeringham, Nottinghamshire. The project provides a total of nine dwellings with a mix of house types, including six four-bedroom dwellings and three three-bedroom dwellings.

Before commencing the design, a detailed contextual analysis of the immediate and wider environment was undertaken to record the adjacent built form and analyse its key components. This study aimed to identify some of the primary forms that are typical of this part of the village, to ensure that the proposals are consistent with the Walkeringham Character Study & Design Guide.

The surrounding residential development includes relatively modern houses and bungalows in the immediate vicinity and a more eclectic mix with a traditional arrangement of properties further along the High Street. The design of the proposed development seeks to respond to the observations of the surrounding village context, with plots orientated in an east-west orientation to the north of the site and a north-south orientation to the southern part of the site. This varied relationship with the highway is consistent with the character of the adjacent High Street.

The design of the dwellings responds to the scale and mass of the neighbouring chapel and surrounding residential development, whilst adopting a more contemporary detail. The proposals reference both the proportions of the chapel and the restrained and pragmatic features of the surrounding residential development.

The landscaping of the surrounding area has an east-west flow that we have sought to retain through the design proposals. All boundaries within the development will be hedge planting with a series of trees planted throughout the development to help create well defined and attractive landscaping. An area of open green space has been provided adjacent to the chapel, retaining a sense of openness and helping to integrate the new development with the existing settlement pattern.

All house types within the development are designed to achieve M4(2) compliance. This provides long-life, adaptable buildings that allow for change and adaptability in people’s lives; raising the standard of accommodation available in the area.